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Sinner Rock Festival

EPIC TOURING PROUDLY ANNOUNCES ITS FIRST FESTIVAL 1 DAY, 2 STAGES, 12 BANDS Renate Iorio, Director, Epic Touring 5th July 2018 15th September 2018 As some of you know Steve and I have moved to Germany to live. We live in a great little Village in the middle of...

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Balls Tour Dates 2017

European Tour Dates 2017 The Balls Renate Iorio, Director, Epic Touring 30 October 2017 Sleazy Punk Stoner Rock The Balls emerged from the dark corners of Melbourne, Australia. Their sound is a sleazy punk, stoner rock, and gigs are a booze-fuelled blast to the last...

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The Balls November 2017

Epic Touring is proud to present 'The Balls' a stoner punk rock band from Australia touring in Europe November 2017. "Emerging from the dark corners of a dreary Melbourne winter,  The Balls entwine a sleazy punk ethos with a stoner rock stride, a booze fuelled blast...

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Josh Johnstone Summer 2017

Josh Johnstone touring Europe this Summer: Check out all of Josh's Tour Dates on his website.  This summer Josh is focusing on playing some great festivals in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Josh is a hardworking musician with an intense stage...

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Down Under Thunder

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Thunder Downunder Renate Iorio, Director, Epic Touring 2nd March 2017 Australian Showcase 6th May ... sponsored by MOOSE     3 brilliant, diverse and established Australian artists on one stage at one event at the Riffelhof in Burgrieden. 3 sets...

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Merry Christmas

TAKE OUT YOUR MORAL COMPASS BEFORE TAKING OFF MERRY CHRISTMAS Steve Iorio, Director, Epic Touring 19th December 2016 with all intense emotions, there is a pendulum Ah, Christmas. As with all intense emotions, there is a pendulum. Christmas seems to be the largest...

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