Getting the most out of your tour
Steve Iorio, Director, Epic Touring

12 November 2016

It isn’t easy breaking into International Markets. If you don’t know why you are going, you get less out of the experience. By attending you will gain high level contacts,  get some great ideas for marketing and developing your band, and also get to see some great music for yourself. Inspiration!!!


There are significant events in the international music calendar, where you can showcase you band, talents, and your live show. You need a proven ability in your area, pulling a crowd, a high quality CD, and promotional material before you go. Unless you are going for the experience and don’t really need or plan to get anything concrete out of it.

Most contacts you meet are from a certain area where the international music events are located. If you want to break into the USA, got the the events in the US, and the same goes for Europe.

The Great Escape 2016

Photograph by Steve Iorio

“North America Dates 2017”

Folk Alliance International , (USA), Kansas City, February, 15- 19th, 2017

SXSWAustin Texas (USA), is massive. March 10-19th, 2017

CMJ MusicMarathon (USA), Brooklyn, NY, April 2017

Americana, (CANADA) Montreal, March 21-22-23, 2017

Canadian Music Week(CANADA), April 18-22, 2017

ECMAS ,  (Canada) St. John, April 26-30th, 2017

A2IM Indie Week for Record Labels(USA) NY, NY,  for Distributors June 5-9th 2017


“European Dates 2017”

Eurosonic Noorderslag (Holland) January, 11-14th, 2017

The Great Escape (UK)  May 18-20th, 2017

PrimaveraSound (Barcelona), May 31 -June 4th, 2017

MIDEM in (France) June, 6-9th, 2017

Reeperbahn Festival (GERMANY), September 20-23rd, 2017 

WOMEX Galicia, (Spain) October, 19-23, 2017

Nouvelle Prague , (Prague), November


“Australasian Dates 2017”

Womad (AUSTRALIA) March

Music Matters (SINGAPORE) September

BigSound (AUSTRALIA) September

Australian Music Week (AUSTRALIA) November

Electronic Music Conference (AUSTRALIA) December

Music Australia (AUSTRALIA) ..list of conferences and festivals


The Great Escape 2016

Representing Nat Allison

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