A Journey of Discovery

John Mason, Cab Collective

12 November 2016

Recently, its been told to me that your thoughts and wishes manifest themselves when you project your self into them. When you really believe they can can happen.

I’m learning, very slowly, that its true.

Even more so when you grant your self the humble confidence you most likely deserve.

As a member of CAB Collective or any unsigned artist you can’t escape that times are at their toughest with regards to having any sort of cash in your pocket. Couple that with too much self belief and you’ll find a penniless frontman staring out onto lake Wakatipu wondering 2 things;
Is this paradise?
what the hell am I doing?!

I’ve just spent everything I earned from the last months tour across Scotland and Sardinia on return flights to New Zealand.
To the penny it was all the cash I had and here I am, stood in slight disbelief staring across this incredible landscape.

I have my acoustic guild guitar as always and some innate, primitive drive that knows far better than myself that everything will be ok.

New Zealand

Riddled with jet lag one afternoon I attempt the usual pub crawl approach.
Find a bar with live music, then ask for the manager, then sell yourself with youtube links.
Within 2 days my first gig is booked. $300 I’m going to eat this week!
Thats how it starts, one gig then one open mic leading to great new friends and new contacts.
Now the next 2 months has enough gigs to support my journey around Australia and New Zealand’s south island and its all on the basis of being an original artist!
New Zealand has evolved without any natural predators and it seems the same spirit applies to the live music here. Crowds appear ravenous for performances of any kind and although I’m still not on that hallowed stage facing a sold out wembley arena, there is fortune at work.

The fortune that lends its kind hand to me is the people.

My 7th gig and I’m framed by the patio window of the Hilltop Tavern with the Akaroa peninsula (a dormant volcano sunk into the pacific) as my stage backdrop.

The fortune that lends its kind hand to me is the people.

The fortune to have incredible friendships that outstretch the circumference of our globe, and the compassion of strangers that somehow allow my nomadic disposition and dream chasing to resonate within their own kindness and generosity.

The land and waters are inspiring, with every new turn in the road you find yourself almost getting annoyed with the amount of beauty as you pull up next to yet another bewildered tourist collecting their jaws up off the side of the road.
Opportunities seem much closer to me than the flooded music markets of Europe that steam with talent and wannabes alike in an overfilled pressure cooker.
Looking out above the fjords to an upside down Orion’s belt and a forest of glow worms, the plot of my story continues to baffle me but also coax an unstoppable grin.

When you envision your self in the situations beyond the barricades, you need to be refreshed sometimes in order keep coursing.
I tell myself to trust that even the set backs are there to drive you forward and to be satisfied to glimps each moment a little bigger.

Ultimately the journey has to be worth it, because that is all there is.

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