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Honestly the immediate appeal for this rather new music industry event in Paris called MaMA, is that the line up did not have all the big names. I did know some, but it is still an event that is looking for new artists. I have been to the big music industry event, and they started out looking to promote new artists to labels, publishers and agents. Now these ” Music Industry Conventions” are just large scale concerts for the musical soccer moms of the planet. I will not name band names or events here, but why does a band that already plays at large stadiums have to “Showcase” their talents. MaMA is a music festival, and it is also a convention for music professionals that still is a place to go look for new talent.

MaMA in Paris got some great review from music industry people. I didn’t get a chance to go because of prior commitments, but I feel I missed out. They had120 concerts in 3 days, at 12 venues in the red light district in the heart of Paris. They are all close enough to each other, for you to stroll to each gig.

Of course there are French and international artists, some are established, some new comers, and have rock, pop, electronic, folk, hip-hop, and are not limited to genre.

Check it out:

“Conference 2015, courtesy of MaMA website.”


check out their facebook site also!


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