Steve Iorio, Director, Epic Touring

19th DecemberĀ 2016

with all intense emotions, there is a pendulum

Ah, Christmas. As with all intense emotions, there is a pendulum. Christmas seems to be the largest pendulum of the year. Some people have a great time around Christmas, and some people get uncontrollably depressed. Some people have feasts, and some are starving. Some people have happy thoughts and memories of growing up in their families, some people have nightmares about their childhood. So in this time of giving, in this time of reflection, and for the proper celebrations of the largest religious holiday on the planet, make sure you take out your moral compass before taking off on your shopping and festivities. Make sure you are kind, make sure you give more than you take, and take some time to reflect.
So is this gaudy tinsel fest, fueled by alcohol really put on in the name of our saviour?
What was the real message from Jesus?


What was the real message from Jesus?

  • Jesus preached openly of love
  • Jesus taught forgiveness, and understanding
  • Jesus practiced passive resistance against unjust authority
  • Jesus taught people to believe in a power greater than ourselves
  • Jesus was a spokesman for the poor
  • Jesus was arrested, and given the death penalty
  • Jesus had long hair and a beard
  • Jesus had old clothes and no shoes
What would Jesus be called today?
Would he even be allowed in the mall for some warmth?

Be kind, have fun, and remember what this holiday was originally for,

On our planet there seems to be a widening gap between the haves and the have-nots. There is more division in politics, in religion, nationalism, and this intense polarization seems to be creeping into our personal lives too. I hope for myself, for my Christmas present to myself, that I can erase some of those invisible lines and think more holistically. I hope that I can personally not waste money, time and effort on things that are really in the end, not important and place some of that energy into something bigger. I just want to take a big breath, and reflect.
The evening news and mainstream media if filled with news about how hard it is to go shopping. Think about that focus, and the power of the news. The media is full of facts on the effect on the national or world economy of the Christmas seasons financial numbers. Think about that focus and the power of the news. All the largest companies focus a whole year on this week, and on selling things of little real value to humanity or to the poor, and sold to a public that is now losing site of the real priorities in life, and the real meaning of Christmas. Think about that focus and the power of the large corporations and their lack of caring of humans and their real focus, profit. Profit is not a bad thing for a company, but we need to look after ourselves, and look at what is and is not important in this world, and the companies can look after themselves and provide what is important to us.
In my head and in my heart I know that people are all the same. We all basically want the same things. There are so many factors that shape our lives, thoughts and our actions that are outside of our control, but we have to resist the pull of polarization, exclusion and of negativity. This is a season of celebration, giving, and spirituality. Although I may not be Catholic anymore, as my parents were, and as I started out in my life, I am still spiritual, and that is much more important to me. If we can appreciate our planet, if we can all call upon the most divine goodness in our hearts, our most loving actions in our hands, and our most thankful thoughts in our heads, it will be a much better holiday season for ourselves and all the people around us.
Be kind, have fun, and remember what this holiday was originally for,
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