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Do I Need a Visa?
Steve Iorio, Director, Epic Touring
2nd December 2016
So many different possibilites
Recently I have been asked many questions about getting visas for musicians that are touring. I would like to help but sadly I am not an expert on visa requirements for every country. I am not sure there is an expert that knows what the visa requirements are for each country to another county actually is. If you are Australian going to the USA or from England going to the USA I am sure it is all different. Europe has different policies for separate areas and countries. This is one area where Epic Touring is probably not much help, sorry.
Every Country has different requirements
The fear has grown amongst British passport holders that are now unsure of their future status regarding working in Europe. I have no fear, because policy changes faster than a hookers undies. I think they will have to make concessions due to the large networks, and deep binds that now exist on government, personal, cultural, and business levels between the British and the continental Europeans. So don’t worry yet, it will be a slow process that even immigration officials will have a hard time keeping up with.
I will say I have seen many people travelling without the proper visas, and although it isn’t that hard, the consequences of getting caught can be severe in some countries. Here is a good site that will get you familiar with the idea of what you need to do.
Ask your Local Embassy
An excerpt from the Tamizdat site, dealing with U.S immigration policy says:


..was founded in 1998 by an international group of musicians, Tamizdat is a nonprofit organization that facilitates international cultural exchange.Tamizdat’s mission is motivated by the conviction that the international exchange and mobility of culture is fundamental to the growth of global civil society. Tamizdat has been involved with a wide range of activities aimed at facilitating international cultural exchange… we have booked festival showcases in the U.S. and Europe, organized tours, sponsored events, and for years we ran a CD distribution coalition. Since 2000, Tamizdat’s primary program activities have sought to help the international performing arts community address problems presented by U.S. immigration policy and procedure. ”

Each individual government normally has some guidelines on their website.

I just say, “Hey boy scout, be prepared”.

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