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Grasshole are a three-piece Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.

Grasshole combine elements of Grunge, Rock and Punk to create their endearing and progressive sonic. Drawing influence from the early 90’s Seattle scene, their sound is described as heavy, fuzzy, energetic and deeply melodic.

The band debuted in 2013 with a “Self-titled EP”, which secured airplay on many college radio stations within the United States. They have since developed a reputation for a high-octane live show that has gained a very strong following, both locally and internationally

Grasshole followed up their debut release in 2015 with sophomore EP ‘The Unification Proclamation’. The EP was added to rotation on over 90 US Radio Stations, and debuted at Number One on 3 stations.

2016 saw Grasshole embark on their first international tour, playing shows across Spain and Sweden, including several festivals.

2017 involved Grasshole completing the recording of their first full length LP ‘Fuzz Of Flavour’. Grasshole completed 3 National Tours supporting the first singles in Australia, and one international tour in November in Indonesia promoting the album. The band smashed out 49 shows over the year, and their working reputation began to spread like wildfire.

The single ‘Van Inhalin’, which was the first offering from “Fuzz Of Flavour” was added to many Australian radio station playlists, whilst the film clip quickly made its way onto MTV Australia.

Grasshole finished tracking their debut album ‘Fuzz Of Flavour’ in 2017, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Angus Davidson (Crowded House, INXS and KISS to name a humble few.)  They also teamed up with Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness, Joe Strummer of The Clash and Ray Manzarek of The Doors) in Sweden for bass production. The legendary Lindsay Gravina (Violent Soho, The Living End, Jet, Cosmic Psychos) mastered the album.

The album is out 23rd of February, and the band will be touring in support of “Fuzz Of FLavour” around Australia & Europe 2018.


Melbourne, Australia’s alternative fuzz rock band Grasshole delivers a solid full-length debut album, complete with 13 diverse tracks, heavy-hitting guitar riffs, pulse-pounding drum beats, rhythmic bass, and dynamic vocals throughout. Grasshole prove that Grunge is alive and well for a new socially conscious generation with their debut full-length offering, ‘Fuzz of Flavour.’”


“With The Bennies, Dune Rats & King Gizzard making waves, it was only a matter of time before a new act made a huge splash in the stoner/ grunge rock world”


“Fragile is incredibly driven and progressive, but retains a momentum of past rock antics from their contemporaries such as Joe Strummer.”

AAA Backstage

“Its driven, but still melodic; aggressive at times, but still generally playful at its core.” –  AMNplify

FUZZ OF FLAVOUR” does a bloody good job of mixing their unique blend of grunge & punk rock riffs into a 45 minute GRASSTERPIECE


Thanks so much to Grasshole for playing. Great band! Great people! Legends! Would officially say they ARE the “Legends of the Melbourne Music scene”. And anyone who has played with them or watched them or met them would agree. A privilege dudes!




Grasshole sind ein dreiteiliges Rock-Outfit aus Melbourne, Australien.

Grasshole kombinieren Elemente von Grunge, Rock und Punk, um ihren liebenswerten und progressiven Klang zu kreieren. Ihr Sound, der Einfluss aus der Seattle-Szene der frühen 90er Jahre bezieht, wird als heavy, fuzzy, energisch und tief melodisch beschrieben.

Die Band debütierte 2013 mit einer “Self-titled EP”, die für das Airplay auf vielen College-Radiosendern in den USA sorgte. Seitdem haben sie sich einen Ruf für eine hochoktane Live-Show erarbeitet, die sowohl national als auch international eine sehr starke Fangemeinde gefunden hat.

Grasshole folgte auf ihre Debütveröffentlichung im Jahr 2015 mit der zweiten EP “The Unification Proclamation”. Die EP wurde in über 90 US-Radiosendern in die Rotation aufgenommen und debütierte auf Platz 1 auf 3 Sendern.
2016 startete Grasshole ihre erste internationale Tournee und spielte Shows in Spanien und Schweden, darunter mehrere Festivals.

2017 schloss Grasshole die Aufnahme ihrer ersten LP’Fuzz Of Flavour’ in voller Länge ab.  Grasshole absolvierte 3 National Tours, die die ersten Singles in Australien unterstützten, und eine internationale Tournee in Indonesien, um das Album zu promoten. Die Band brach 85 Shows über eineinhalb Jahre hinweg ab, und ihr Ruf als Arbeiterin begann sich wie ein Lauffeuer zu verbreiten.

Die Single’Van Inhalin’, die das erste Angebot von “Fuzz Of Flavour” war, wurde in vielen australischen Radioprogrammen aufgenommen, während der Filmclip schnell auf MTV Australia kam.

“Melbourne, Australiens alternative Fuzz-Rock-Band Grasshole, liefert ein solides Debütalbum in voller Länge, komplett mit 13 verschiedenen Tracks, druckvollen Gitarrenriffs, pulsierendem Drum-Beat, rhythmischem Bass und dynamischem Gesang. Grasshole beweisen, dass Grunge lebt und gut für eine neue sozial bewusste Generation ist, mit ihrem Debüt-Angebot “Fuzz of Flavour”.


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