The Onfires

When Marty and Max met at a swimming camp on Australia’s Gold Coast who knew that it would lead to a blur of red hair, sweat and mayhem playing shows to 50,000 punters?

Veteran international touring band, The On Fires return to Germany as a rollicking power duo playing Sinner Festival this September.
Avid fans of Slovakian seagull racing, Chinese traditional spider hunting and Canadian sword throwing, these world-trekking Aussies can’t wait to bring their laid-back mayhem back to stages across Germany. “We can’t wait!”, says singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer Marty X, “and even if we could wait we still couldn’t.
Has anyone seen my gerbil?” Singer, keyboardist, violinist (etc) Max Harman points out she likes kayaking, river walks and farmers’ markets. “I also like it when I rock”, she says, “but I would have thought that was reasonably obvious.” She goes on to say, “Frankly we wouldn’t be touring otherwise”. Catch The On Fires at a club or festival near you, online at


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