Travel time and tour organisation:
Steve Iorio, Director, Epic Touring
12 November 2016
Before starting a tour you need to do a lot of research.

There are a lot of associations, FB groups, agents, and knowledgable people all over the world. Use whatever you can to help gain knowledge.

Get advice from industry bodies and groups, government and of course, look who is playing where.


Travel time and organisation:

Check out google maps, find out the travel times and add a bit. You don’t know the roads, you may get a flat tire, someone may need to go to the doctors!!! you may also need to eat something and chill the f*&^ out. A conference is usually in a large building and gigs, showcases and events may be spread out, so get to know the layout before you get there.
You must get the most out of your marketing money, musicians are generally not rich, by spending time researching the market event you are interested in. Ask friends, any industry contacts, delegates attending a conference, and artists who have attended them previously for tips or the pros and cons of going to a festival, conference or touring in certain areas.
Be Prepared
Make a Budget
Make a budget, and make sure you budget for the big stuff like flights, etc.. but also you need to tell people you are coming, so make sure you have a budget for marketing and the small stuff adds up, posters, postage, tubes for the posters, petrol, (gas), vehicles, adaptors and the list goes on. Ask a few people to look at your budget. If you run out of money, you will be going home. Importantly there are people that can help too. Add another 10% on everything you do, it will cost more than you think. Spend time researching travel options, because you don’t have trains where you live, doesn’t meant they don’t have them where you are going.
“Make a Contacts”

Make Contact!!! Major events have networking attached to a delegates list, and people attending the events, venues have friends on FB, the list is unending!!! Post things up on your social media, and you never know who else is going. If you don’t have prearranged meetings before you leave, you will probably not get any while you are on the road.

Unfortunately you MUST be able to talk yourself up.
No body wants to have to sell a band that doesn’t believe in themselves. Practice your  pitch, on friends, family, it may sound silly, but it works. Hey boy scout, be prepared, it has to be different for all different people and for different occasions. People know what THEY know, not what YOU know. If you are chatting to a label, make sure you know which artists are already on their roster, and compare yourself loosely to who they already like and know.

The list of things to budget and prepare for is really never ending. You can never do too much. Get some friends to help with the gorilla marketing, the social media updates, and make sure everyone in the bands understands that they must contribute, and help with the organisation, planning and the marketing. It all helps!!!!

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